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Additive manufacturing for industry

Additive manufacturing for industry

Benefit from Murtfeldt’s 3D printing service!


The Murtfeldt 3D printing service in 360°

The Murtfeldt Kunststoffe 3D printing service: We design and produce custom components, resilient prototypes, spare parts, and small series in industrial quality. We also offer lots of finishing options.

Murtfeldt plastics: Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

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Murtfeldt Plastics: additive manufacturing - after 3D printing

After 3D printing

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360° all-round service - an overview

After 3D printing


Useful information

From the idea to the finished component: Additive manufacturing taps new possibilities.

Murtfeldt Plastics additive manufacturing: CNC Machining versus 3D printing

CNC machining vs. 3D printing

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Murtfeldt plastics: additive manufacturing (3d printing) application examples

Success stories

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Murtfeldt Plastics additive manufacturing: 3D printing training


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Murtfeldt additive manufacturing: your advantages

Free, automated repair of your 3D print data during the upload process


Additional manual inspection and checking of your data to confirm usability


Professional advice on design and choice of plastic


Despite the automation, you'll always have a competent contact partner at your side