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Additive manufacturing for industry

Additive manufacturing for industry

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Designing for 3D printing

The Murtfeldt Kunststoffe team can help you with the planning and formatting of your 3D print data for additive manufacturing or can take on the entire design of the printable CAD data that you require.


To fully exploit the potential of additive manufacturing, components that were designed for traditional production methods must be completely reconsidered. We can help you to discover the potential of your designs - from weight savings with the help of bionic designs, for example, to the integral design of multiple components in a single part and the design of typical plastic construction elements such as hinges and snap-fits.


Do you want to turn an idea into reality, but do not have your own design department or lack other vital aspects? We can cover the entire product creation cycle - from the idea to the finished component. Whether you require an expert to help with your design process or a contract developer, we have what your project needs.